Serial port not working on GTA02 with debug board

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Tue Jun 9 07:53:29 CEST 2009

2009/6/8 Abhishek Bajpai <abhisheietk at>

> 2009/6/8 Timo Juhani Lindfors <timo.lindfors at>
>> Abhishek Bajpai <abhisheietk at> writes:
>> > Other thing is I have also observed that minicom terminal on computer
>> starts
>> > responding as soon as I start the GTA02 device. Does it suggest  that
>> some
>> > other device is also attached in that port.
>> What's your kernel command line on gta02? Does ps axuf show getty for
>> ttySAC2?
>> I am using ssh for command line. Yes it shows getty for ttySAC2. But now I
>> have disabled the getty program by moving it to another folder. Now also I
>> am getting the same problem......
> Thanks Timo I desabled getty by moving it to another folder. And now I am
> able to get characters on GTA02 minicom from computers minicom.
but now I am facing new problem :(
while typing on computers minicom I am getting special characters in
response on computers minicom but while typing on GTA02 minicom I am not
getting any response on computers minicom.
I think it become littile confusing let me explain through a diagram

input from computer>minicom    -----> getting response on GTA02>minicom
------>getting special characters on computer>minicom

input from GTA02>minicom -----> not getting any response on computer>minicom

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