GPS receiver broken (but no SDcard problem)

Alexander Lehner lehner at
Mon Jun 15 11:09:45 CEST 2009

Hello list,

it seems that my GPS died. It started with the effect that satellites were 
seen, but no fix, then finally the timestamp stood still, and now no 
timestamp is received and no sats are seen any more.

Now I'm not sure whether it is 'only' the antenna that is broken, so 
that I could live with an external antenna or the whole GPS unit is dead.

gpspipe -r localhost says:


Is this output produced from the GPS chip or from software?

When I do a 'cat -e /dev/ttySAC1' it returns immediately with no output 
(/sys/../power_on is '1').

Are there any more debugging facilities to locate the problem?

I've tried all the SD/CARD, connector fixes from the Wiki, but this 
obviously not the reason.

I have a FreeRunner with the latest SHR image.

Thanks for any further hint,


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