Resolved: Re: GPS receiver broken (but no SDcard problem)

Paul Fertser fercerpav at
Tue Jun 16 00:17:49 CEST 2009

Alexander Lehner <lehner at> writes:
>>> There is no visible difference between the working state and the state
>>> where no satelites were seen:e
>> Next time please save the output of stty -F /dev/ttySAC1 -a
> It seems that ttySAC1 is in binary mode.
> If I set something like
> stty -F /dev/ttySAC1 isig icanon iexten
> I get lots of binary crap but not the readable nmea output.
> Could the reason be that ogpsd turns the chip into u-blox binary mode or 
> am I completely wrong...?

ogpsd on freerunner should be using u-blox binary mode (in default

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