Beeing my own internet provider?

Al Johnson openmoko at
Mon Jun 22 13:49:08 CEST 2009

On Monday 22 June 2009, Alexander Lehner wrote:
> Since the internet access from mobile phones is sometimes pretty
> expensive, i thought about setting up my own dial-in point and use my
> flatrate at home.
> Does any one know if that is physically possible at all - I mean, can I
> plug a modem or ISDN card at home and call it with my Freerunner over ppp?

You can do it, but it will use the old GSM data methods (CSD or HSCSD), 
assuming they are available on your tariff. This means it will be _slow_ but 
with a reliable low(ish) latency. By slow I mean 9.6kbps for CSD and probably 
14.4kbps for HSCSD though it could be faster if your provider allows. Remember 
that while you have a data call active you might not be able to receive voice 

ISDN is preferable to an analogue modem as the call setup is almost instant, 
while with analogue there will be a significant negotiation time.

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