om2009 paroli localization edje and embryo

Jorge Luis Chamorro chamorro at
Wed Jun 24 23:31:47 CEST 2009

I'm using om2009 and learning python . I follow instructions to develop with paroli with no problem but I stoped because I need to learn a bit more about python and edje. Then I think that maybe i can translate Paroli to my language ( Spanish ) . I look sources and find some text into edje files that can translate . And the question is what is the correct way to make this ? . Maybe I can test some enviromental variable (LANG) from a simple embryo code that I put into edje file ? (is possible?). Or I need to write some diferent edje template for Spanish ?.    

I don't like the second option because paroli edje files are work-in-progress . 

What do you think ?
PD : sorry for my English ....      
Jorge Luis Chamorro <chamorro at>

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