e-libs version numbering

Klaus 'mrmoku' Kurzmann mok at mnet-online.de
Thu Jun 25 07:47:08 CEST 2009

Am Donnerstag 25 Juni 2009 07:39:14 schrieb c_c:
> Hi,
> Flemming Richter Mikkelsen wrote:
> > For OGG tags, use libFLAC.
> > I have some unfinished ugly but working code, which you can look at:
> > http://gtkrip.cvs.sourceforge.net/viewvc/gtkrip/gtkrip/my_flac_tag.c?revi
> >sion=1.1&view=markup
>  Thanks.
> @Klaus 'mrmoku' Kurzmann - The latest version of the libs being used by shr
> seem to have a problem. Genlist entries and icons are sized 2X larger than
> they were in the older versions. I though that maybe I was doing something
> wrong till I realised that the elementary tests app also has similar
> problems. Any idea if this a bug upstream?
yeah, we had that in different applications too... I don't know if it is a bug 
or a fix though... for libframeworkd-phonegui-efl2 I fixed it by using a different 
font-size. Will try to catch raster in IRC and let me explain why and what :)

Klaus 'mrmoku' Kurzmann

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