Beeing my own internet provider?

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Mon Jun 22 13:02:22 CEST 2009


Sure you can, but your GSM Provider can distinguish between data and voice calls.
If you choose to make a "Voice Call" with your Modem and send data through it,
your "data" will be transmitted and encoded with the gsm codec before it is
transfered to your mobile phone. I don't expect much throughput (if any) from that,
since voice codecs simply aren't suited for encapsulating data streams.
If you make a "Data Call" your provider can identify that connection as such and
will probably bill it that way. (Ask your Provider for (HS)CSD rates, if they
don't know what you're talking about, ask for "Fax Rates")

There may be a third option, but I haven't tried that yet. The Etsi GSM 07.07 spec [0]
describes an option called "Voice followed by data" (p. 22). You could try that
mode - maybe your GSM provider will bill those calls as regular voice calls if.

Best Regards
- Soeren


On Mon, Jun 22, 2009 at 12:46:06PM +0200, Alexander Lehner wrote:
> Since the internet access from mobile phones is sometimes pretty 
> expensive, i thought about setting up my own dial-in point and use my 
> flatrate at home.
> Does any one know if that is physically possible at all - I mean, can I 
> plug a modem or ISDN card at home and call it with my Freerunner over ppp?
> Alex.
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