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Mij mij at bitchx.it
Thu Jul 7 14:56:45 CEST 2011

Hello folks,

I want to replace the internal OS shipping with OpenMoko FreeRunner devices
for avoiding confusion by the users in case my system on the microSD card
fails to load.

qi-bootmenu seems suitable for this, but, as far as my docs and code reading
goes, it provides no wait to display a custom message.

I tweaked the current code to provide this possibility. Messages are displayed
as regular entries, except:
* it gets no icon
* it's displayed in a line with lower height
* it is not clickable

As a by-product, multiple messages can be displayed, even between different
actual boot lines. Messages are configured in config.h :

MenuItem menu[] = {
        /* here is one custom message line */
	{ "Memory Card error!", NULL, NULL, NULL },
        /* here is another custom message line */
	{ "Please return device to IT.", NULL, NULL, NULL },

        /* Original list entries */
	{ "NAND Flash", DEFAULT_LOGO, boot_nand, "/dev/mtdblock6" },
	{ "Power Off", "/usr/share/qi-bootmenu/poweroff.png", poweroff, NULL },

However, my efforts at building the qi-bootmenu rootfs locally from ./build.sh failed.
Can anyone review this patch and provide some feedback?


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