[dfu-util] New dfu-suffix manipulation tool

Stefan Schmidt stefan at datenfreihafen.org
Wed Feb 29 20:29:45 CET 2012

Hello Tormod and others.

One major feature we lacked from the beginning was support for the DFU
suffix manipulation. Tormad added parsing support some time ago and
now I finally found some time to finish a small stand alone
manipulation tool for DFU suffices.

Nothing big, the suffix itself is small, but finally a way to add a
suffix to existing fimrware files and allow dfu-util to verify the
firmware against corruption (CRC) or wrong usage (USB product and
vendor ids).

It allows to verify, remove and add a suffix to a given file:

dfu-suffix -c $FILE

dfu-suffix -D $FILE

dfu-suffix -a $FILE -d 0x1000 -p 0x92AD -v 0x403

Values for device, product and vendor id can be in decimal or hex
notation. Later needs a 0x prefix.

@Tormod: I haven't applied the code to the master branch yet. Would be
glad if you could give it a fast review before I do this:


Once this is in and no problems show up I would want to go for a 0.6
release. If you, or anyone else, has some fixes around let me know.

For the next release cycle I would like to see how we can integrate
the windows support Satz Klauer wrote.

Stefan Schmidt

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