Anyone else got a non-working GSM modem?

Daniel Willmann alphaone at
Wed Aug 1 01:28:55 CEST 2007


On Tue, 31 Jul 2007 23:33:34 +0100
"andy selby" <andyfrommk at> wrote:

> I tried to connect to the GSM modem but the terminal prompt hung on
> the 'connected' signal, I followed the instructions in bug 256
> to
> no avail, the advice was to type the commands on two different
> consoles so I opened up two ssh sessions into the phone from my pc but
> that didn't work.

just to make sure we're on the same page: Did you try

> I'm using uImage- and
> openmoko-devel-image-fic-gta01-20070728230649.rootfs.jffs2 from

Could you please also look in /tmp/gsmd.log and see if the modem is
responding at all?

Daniel Willmann
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