Making phone calls

John Locke mail at
Wed Aug 1 23:18:13 CEST 2007

Walter Goossens wrote:
> I haven't managed to get an MP3 going on my headset either but using
> the gsmheadset.state I could make a call (not from the GUI, but still)
> I got enormous feedback (annoying tone) when using the hadset profile
> but I read a bugreport on that (Can't remember which right now) and
> there was an easy fix.
Open alsamixer and turn down the first slider, the master control. That
made the feedback go away for me... Of course, that's easiest done while
logged in from a computer... (I notice the most recent build I did took
away the vt100 terminfo file, so I had to copy that from my computer to
get alsamixer to work).

You can also tweak all the individual settings, so by doing this I could
turn down the individual speaker volumes (look for Amplified Left/
Amplified Right).

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