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Is it possible to save the settings to a new state file after making those

On 8/1/07, John Locke <mail at> wrote:
> Walter Goossens wrote:
> > I haven't managed to get an MP3 going on my headset either but using
> > the gsmheadset.state I could make a call (not from the GUI, but still)
> > I got enormous feedback (annoying tone) when using the hadset profile
> > but I read a bugreport on that (Can't remember which right now) and
> > there was an easy fix.
> >
> Open alsamixer and turn down the first slider, the master control. That
> made the feedback go away for me... Of course, that's easiest done while
> logged in from a computer... (I notice the most recent build I did took
> away the vt100 terminfo file, so I had to copy that from my computer to
> get alsamixer to work).
> You can also tweak all the individual settings, so by doing this I could
> turn down the individual speaker volumes (look for Amplified Left/
> Amplified Right).
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