Anyone else got a non-working GSM modem?

Cindy Mottershead cindy at
Thu Aug 2 00:07:13 CEST 2007

I have had the best luck initializing the gsmd and making/receiving 
phone calls by issuing the commands over ssh.  The cu program doesn't 
work reliably for me, but the libgsmd-tool does. The gui interface 
hardly ever works.

I run this in one shell (to watch the debug output):

gsmd -p /dev/ttySAC0 -s 115200 -F

and run libgsmd-tool in another to issue the commands. See


andy selby wrote:
>>> Yes, but I did it by opening two parallel ssh sessions on my pc and
>>> doing it that way, did you open two terminals on the phone?
>> Amazingly, the device does have screen installed... great for running
>> multiple shells in a single session...
> You can also open multiple tabs on the terminal emulator.
> What I want to know is do you have to issue the commands to activate
> the gsm modem on the device or can it be done over ssh, because
> 'delete' in the Neo's terminal causes two boxes seperated by a space
> to appear instead of deleting the preceding character, also there is
> no autocomplete and to top it all the slash and hyphen characters are
> on a different keyboard making the on-screen keyboard frustratingly
> difficult to use.
> I've downloaded the latest official build of uImage*bin and will
> install it tomorrow, hopefully that will help.
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