First impressions

Gunther Persoons gunther.persoons at
Thu Aug 2 21:04:04 CEST 2007


I have my openmoko now a day and these are my first impressions :

- Fairly usable for the early stage it's in
- Also the reaction speed of the software is quite good, although some
application are a bit slower than others. It's compabarable to my 2
year old WIN2003 Mobile.
- Easy to connect to host pc
- Very easy to upgrade software
- Dialing works sometimes, and i havent found out how to send an sms.

- Firm case
- CPU is quite fast
- After startup still 70 MB memory is free
- Battery life is quite good +- 2 days
- Great screen brightness, although i think the screen is too small
and the resolution too high for finger applications, only the dailer
is barely usable as finger app.

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