Screen Grab Utility

Krzysztof Kajkowski cayco at
Thu Aug 2 21:56:35 CEST 2007

2007/8/2, Ian Darwin <ian at>:

> BTW, if you do want to scp, and you have an SSH session running too,
> define an entry like
>   phone openmoko gadget fic-gta01
> in your desktop's /etc/hosts. Then you can copy-and-paste the
> hostname (from the terminal's prompt) *and the colon and the directory*
> and use it directly in an scp, for example, I am ssh'd in:

Hi! It's more convenient to define it in your PC's ~/.ssh/config file:

HOST    phone
        User            root

as you can see you can define your default user so you don't have ssh
to root at phone - just do ssh phone.


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