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Fri Aug 3 04:32:09 CEST 2007

Someone here was talking about sending / receiving SMS messages.  My motive
to figure out how to do this on my Neo was that I needed to activate an
online account and add more minutes.  They wanted to send me an SMS message
with my initial password.  Necessity being the mother of learning...

I had trouble getting this to work and getting all the text returned using
libgsmd-tool.  It seems gsmd doesn't care for "unsolicited messages" and
when I ask to retrieve all my messages, a lot of data is returned which gsmd
doesn't like, and therefore drops it instead of sending it back to

That's ok.  cu is pretty easy to use - I just used it instead.

To get into an SMS mode (there are two modes - PDU and text mode).  I think
gsmd prefers PDU mode, but I learned to do it text mode.  Switching over is
easy.  You can read up on it here:

I think the following will turn off, then on, the gsm modem.  I do it in an
attempt to reset the modem and start from a known state.  If anyone knows
anything about this, please elaborate.

Turn gsm off:
echo 0 > /sys/bus/platform/devices/gta01-pm-gsm.0/power_on

Turn gsm back on:
echo 1 > /sys/bus/platform/devices/gta01-pm-gsm.0/power_on

And fire up cu:
cu -l /dev/ttySAC0

Once you get the "Connected." line hit [Enter] a few times or "AT" followed
by [ENTER] and you should get an "OK".  Now go at it...

Turn on echoing so you can see what you're doing (use control-H to backspace
on mistakes):

Then register or "turn on" the network.  Can't remember exactly what these
commands mean:

Then go into SMS mode:

Now you can play.  If you've already sent yourself an SMS message to your
phone, you can now retrieve it - and all the others with:
+CMGL: 1,"REC READ","907",,"07/07/30,18:21:45-20",129,156
Welcome to T-Mobile! To check your balance and refill your account, go to or visit t-zones on your phone. Your T-Mobile number is
+CMGL: 2,"REC READ","907",,"07/07/30,18:59:33-20",129,156
Welcome to T-Mobile! To check your balance and refill your account, go to or visit t-zones on your phone. Your T-Mobile number is
+CMGL: 3,"REC READ","XXXXXXXXXXX",,"07/08/02,15:01:51-20",145,5
+CMGL: 4,"REC READ","501",,"07/08/02,15:14:43-20",129,92
tselfcare at /Temporary Password /Dear Customer, Your temporary
password is XXXXXX
+CMGL: 5,"REC READ","724",,"07/08/02,15:18:42-20",129,150
Your balance is 140 minutes ($28.04). You are $75 from Gold Rewards where
you get 15% more minutes on subsequent refills & unused minutes last a year.

+CMGL: 6,"REC READ","724",,"07/08/02,15:18:42-20",129,145
Free MSG: $25.00 has been added to your account. Your new balance is 140
minutes and the new expiration date is 10-31-2007. Thanks for refilling!


And to send a message, it's:
AT+CMGS="Phone #"
Then press the [Enter] key and you'll get a ">" prompt.  Enter your message
and press control-Z.
For example:

Then hit control-Z
You should get an "OK" and the message should be on its way.

I'm sure someone here can go through and make these directions a little
better.  Just wanted to get things started - then maybe we can get them
added to the wiki.

Again - you can learn a lot more about SMS at the above web page.
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