MokoMakefile failure while building openmoko-rssreader

Michael Lauer mickey at
Sun Aug 5 08:48:47 CEST 2007

Mark Brinton wrote:
>> From: "Krzysztof Kajkowski" <cayco at>
>> Subject: MokoMakefile failure while building openmoko-rssreader
>> Hi! I do not know if this is MokoMakefile issue or OM general. I tried
>> to build openmoko-devel-image and I got error:
>> ....
>> | checking for WEBKITGTK... Package WebKitGdk was not found in the
>> pkg-config search path.
>> | Perhaps you should add the directory containing `WebKitGdk.pc'
>> | to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable
>> | No package 'WebKitGdk' found
>> | configure: error: Package requirements (WebKitGdk) were not met:

> Hi, I had the same problem as you.

> I followed the instructions on the MokoMakefile wiki page:

> make update-makefile ; make update ; make setup
> and
> make clean-package-<RSS-PACKAGE-NAME-GOES-HERE>
> (e.g. make clean-package-openmoko-rssreader-0.0.1+svn20070722-r1)

> This didn't solve my problem immediately, but I tried it again the next day, and
> then the day after that and then the problem went away. My guess is that something
> got updated and fixed the problem.

> I'm fairly sure the version of the rss reader changed, as I still have my command history.
> I started off with openmoko-rssreader-0.0.1+svn20070722-r1 and ended up with
> openmoko-rssreader-0.0.1+svn20070626.

> Based on the date (20070626), maybe they want back to an earlier version?

Positive, please see


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