Battery died while plugged in to high-power usb port.

Brad Midgley bmidgley at
Mon Aug 6 02:43:29 CEST 2007


> > 3. Should a voltage always appear on the +/- terminals of the battery,
> >    or does that third pin need tickled in some way to get a voltage
> >    out?
> I had my battery out the other day when in similar circumstance, and
> measured around 3V across the +/- terminals with no tweaking, so I
> suspect that it should always appear.

the third lead is probably used to measure internal temperature to
guarantee safe charging.

a standard "3.7v" lipo battery should never be drained below 3.0v
because it can damage the battery. a 0v reading is not good. the neo
will be unresponsive if its battery is at or below 3v.


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