how to contact FIC about the battery issue ?

Andy Poling andy at
Mon Aug 6 04:01:49 CEST 2007

It's important to keep in mind that the neo1973 is a dev/test/prototype device
that happens to be provided in a phone form factor.

FIC went to great pains to ensure that you knew and acknowledged that fact
before you completed your order.

We are all supposed to be developers and hackers who want to contribute to the
openmoko effort.

That said, there is (preliminary) power mgmt available but it does not yet
work properly (for me).  If you set "MOKO_POWERSAVE=yes" in the environment
before starting X (e.g. in /etc/profile), it will enable the power mgmt (which
is apparently a work in progress).  It will dim the display on inactivity,
then turn off the LCD backlight, and eventually put the cpu into sleep mode.
It also enables keyclick audible feedback, a rather loud "bootup" sound
sequence, and probably some other things I haven't noticed.

My problem is this... regardless of whether the above-mentioned power mgmt
puts it to sleep, I use the power_button->Lock functionality, or I use sysfs
to put it to sleep... in all of these cases, it does not reliably wake up

If it's on usb power when it goes to sleep, it gets stuck nearly every time at
the "console" showing the result of an apparent SysRq key press.

If it's on battery when it goes to sleep, after waking up, it exhibits various
symptoms of diorientation.  If I'd used the power button and "Lock" method to
put it to sleep, it seems to go immediately into the shutdown sequence
(presumably seeing the power button press from before going to sleep)... but,
while the LCD dims and then goes black, it doesn't actually shutdown
completely and I have to hold power 9-sec and then power it back on.  If the
power mgmt put it to sleep, it doesn't shut down immediately but the keyclick
audible feedback (and un-blanking in response to touches) is very latent after
wakeup and it sometimes becomes effectively unresponsive eventually.

Is this only happening to me?

I would argue that there's little sense in going into sleep mode when on usb
power (especially if 500ma is available), so I would think we could stop after
turning off the backlight if on usb power, or maybe just slow the cpu clock
(how does one do that, anyway?).  That would have the pleasant side-effect of
avoiding the inability to come out of sleep.

Anyway, I realize that this is still a work in progress, and I'm obviously
willing to test, so if the folks working on this want some help, just let me


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