Battery died while plugged in to high-power usb port.

Erik esw at
Tue Aug 7 03:54:38 CEST 2007

I scraped together a little script to log battery voltage, charging
current/state etc.  I put a reference to it and how to download it at
the end of the
page on power management.

It currently logs time, battery voltage, charging current, battery
temperature, charging mode, bluetooth-on status, gps-on status, gsm-on
status, and backlight brightness every 60 seconds to the microsd
card.  Are there any other parameters that would be good to log?  I
found the /sys file that shows whether the screen has blanked
[actual_brightness == 0] but that doesn't say for sure that the screen
refresh has stopped... just that the backlights are dimmed to nothing.

After a few runs we can calibrate volts-to-remaining power, and then
get interesting info by seeing how much the volts changed between
boots / resumes.  Give us a little peek into what's going on with the
battery when the system is off or asleep.


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