Some starting difficulties with GTA01

Peter Rasmussen plr at
Wed Aug 8 16:39:43 CEST 2007

I received my GTA01 and was very pleased :-)

Having flashed it a couple of times, using the description in 
"" I have 
become a little puzzled as to what to do now.

It seems that even with the same uImage and openmoko-devel-image, I 
sometimes get different situations after a reboot.

Right now I have:

./dfu-util -a 3 -R -D uImage-
./dfu-util -a 5 -R -D 

I dare not flash the uboot because of all the warnings mentioned reg. 
that. Is that still true, and is it really not necessary to flash uboot?

Anyway, what I would like to know now is, is there a way to force 
re-adjusting the screen?
I seem to have mis-typed a point the last time I was asked to do it, and 
the actual point pushed is offset from where I actually push. And even 
re-flashing doesn't anymore provide an option to re-adjust the screen.

Then, I have only once been able to get a terminal window going (main 
drop-down -> terminal), but I am still not able to push <enter> because 
the area won't be activated no matter where I push on the screen. 
However, most times pushing 'terminal' didn't provide any reaction from 
the system.

I have more questions than this, but getting a terminal working should 
help a lot in the short term :-)



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