white screen of death?!

Erik esw at alum.mit.edu
Thu Aug 9 05:06:42 CEST 2007

My neo will not boot.  If I take the battery out and leave it out for
ten minutes, when I plug the battery back in the screen immediately
turns on, full white, and the vibrator activates continuously.  eek.
The battery has plenty of voltage.  [3.9v]

If I press and hold the power button, after two seconds the screen and
vibrator turn off.  But it won't boot, even if I hold down the power
button for twenty seconds.

I tried taking sim and microsd out; no change.  Still immediately
turns on to a white screen + vibrator.

I tried holding the power button down when I put the battery in.  No

I tried plugging in to usb before inserting the battery.  Slightly
different -- white screen+vibrator right when the usb power is
applied, and it shuts off when the battery is installed.  But still
can't be booted.

I tried various combinations of power and aux buttons and usb power
and leaving the battery out putting it in etc.  No change.  I'll leave
the battery out overnight... but I'm skeptical that anything's going
to be different.  I'm a little worried about putting the battery in to
potentially top off the charge.  Who knows if the charging circuits
are functioning correctly?  I'm hoping that maybe if I charge it some
it'll get out of this wierd state?  I'm not sure if it's safe to leave
plugged in unattended.

Any ideas?  Anything else to try?

I didn't do anything unusual with the neo today.  It was just working
when I suspended it a couple hours ago.  I even made a voice call
today.  [Which is unusual for my neo, but not typically thought of as
dangerous!]  When I came home I pluged it in to usb without waking it
up first... which I've had cause small problems before, such as
requiring a reboot, failing to wakeup from suspsend.  But never
anything this ornery.


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