information about OM2007 and OM2007.2

Kay Hannay klinux at
Sun Aug 12 18:31:44 CEST 2007


I have now received my Neo device and successfully generated my own
Kernel and root file system images by using MokoMakefile.
In the Wiki you can read something about OM2007.2. As far as I
understood, this is the next generation of the OpenMoko software.
I have a few questions regarding this:

- The first version (OM2007) is not working properly yet, so why was
the second generation started already?
- Is there still some development on OM2007 ongoing?
- When will the development on OM2007 stop?
- Which version should be used if you want to create software for
the Neo?
- Is OM2007.2 already usable, should I flash it?

I would appreciate every feedback to give a more clear picture about
these two versions.

I hope this list is ok for these questions.

Best regards

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