neo won't turn on anymore

Helen Cook helen.cook at
Mon Aug 13 04:14:43 CEST 2007

I got my phone (GTA01Bv4) working last night (yay!), but after leaving
it overnight, now it won't turn back on.

I flashed it with the image:


and it was working fine.  Then I left it alone, came back about 20
hours later.  The screen was dark, and touching it wouldn't turn off
the screensaver.  So I fiddled with the power button for a while
(press for 9+ seconds, release, press again, etc), and nothing
happened.  I thought the battery might have been drained, so I plugged
in the usb cable.  I couldn't ssh to the phone (no surprise).  After
more fiddling, the screen started rapidly flashing between white and
black.  Then I pressed the power button again (or a few more times),
and it booted normally.  The battery was at about 40% full.  At this
point I forget whether or not I unplugged the usb cable, but the phone
was working ok.  As soon as the screensaver switched on, the phone
returned to it's previous unresponsive state and subsequent random
button pressing won't rouse it.

I'm now leaving the battery out for a few hours.. from the archives,
it sounds like that worked for someone previously.  Failing that, has
anyone else experienced this, and what can I do to fix it?  I don't
have a debug board.


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