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Fri Aug 17 17:14:43 CEST 2007

--- Greg Johnson <gjohnson at> wrote:
> Has anyone else tried using the debug board?  I tried for the first time
> last night and thought I'd share my experience.  
Yeah, I've been using it for the last week or so.

> First, I had a hard time
> getting it connected.  I was not previously familiar with the connectors
> for the ribbon cable, and it wasn't clear how far the cable must be
> pushed into the connector.
Yeah, they look terribly frail and fiddly. Add in some new-toy nerves and it
makes things a bit interesting ;-)

> Second, while I did get openocd working with it,
That's good news. I was really impressed by both OpenOCD itself, and the level
of access the debug board offered. There are companies selling much lesser
solutions for many $$$s. Makes you wonder.

> I was never able to get
> serial output through the debug board.
> Third, I saw the debug board in the output of "lsusb" on my laptop, but
> not the Neo when it was plugged into the debug board.
> Finally, the Neo didn't charge when connected to the Debug board. 

Hmm, I'd hate to say it, but it looks like a fault with your board. Although in
my experience it's rarely the HW to blame, it's usualy SW or configuration. The
best thing to do is to a) try your board+Neo on a different machine, if you can
get access to one. Or even better, b) see if you can try someone elses debug
board on your laptop - maybe there's someone on the local groups list
( that lives nearby?

For me, once the board and Neo were connected, I could use OpenOCD, the Neo
charged, I did get serial output, and Windows did try and load a driver for the
Ethernet Gadget. My laptop did complain about too much power being drawn from
the USB port mind.

Other than that, you could see if FIC will replace the board, but I'd want to
be 100% certain that it is the board that is broken before going down that

> Will the one I have will work with the
> GTA02?
I'm certainly hoping it will, I can't see why it wouldn't.

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