Some problems

andy selby andyfrommk at
Sat Aug 18 21:10:35 CEST 2007

> after flashing my new NEO with the proper kernel/rootfs and booting

Which kernel/rootfs version did you flash?

> I noticed the following issues.
> 1. the Top menubar is gone. I mean ... gone.  died, crash coredump ...
> invisible.

Do you not see it at all or does it disappear (i.e when you tap the gsm icon)

> 2. I have the on screen keyboard that by no means disappears.  I.e. it is
> there, on my screen eatin 30% of space and unwilling to go away.

On the top menubar (which, o.k., you don't seem to have) there is a
white patch which you tap to toggle keyboard visibility.

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