Recent builds? (and test-status of using GTA01)

Peter Rasmussen plr at
Sun Aug 19 21:32:13 CEST 2007

It seems that creating an environment to build OpenMoko images is quite 
a tall order, so I wondered:

1. Is there a way to see what issues are being looked into by core 
developers, so people like me would be able to contribute at least to 
testing, until we have figured it out?

2. Is there someone who knows if there is a systematic path towards 
getting making-and-receiving-a-call without so much leg-work as now?

3. My own status wrt. making receiving a call has the following points:

    A. With the following loaded:
          ./dfu-util -a 1 -R -D 
          ./dfu-util -a 3 -R -D 
          ./dfu-util -a 5 -R -D  
    B. I have been able to start a call with the supplied dialer, with 
reasonable success with the volume set to both 112 and 121.
    C. I have been able to receive an externally initiated call, do. above.
    D. I was mostly not able to receive or start two consecutive calls, 
but had to reboot to make/receive the next.
    E. If the call was terminated on the other end, my end didn't detect 
it, but continued to count the time, even if sound was missing.
    F. When receiving a call, a ringtone didn't sound, but the display 
showed a call was waiting.

4. I then thought that perhaps the alsa setup wasn't configured to route 
sound to both the speakers and the handset-speaker, but when 
subsequently using madplay to play .mp3 ringtones on the phone, it 
worked fine, so I am wondering what went wrong, and where?

5.Who is dealing with the on-screen keyboards? I think the idea of 
splitting them into various kinds is great. Right now I would like to 
have the star '*', <backspace> and <tab> on the large keyboard because I 
use them a lot. Of course, having left arrow, ctrl-w, and then the 
non-English characters would be nice too, but aren't as necessary right 
now :-)

Thanks from a happy fellow that got my first call through today to my 
oldest daughter's mobile, who then quickly asked "Dad, can I then have 
your phone?", which I unfortunately had to decline. She has a very nice 
mobile, but mine is a PDA-phone with a drawing application that she 
enjoys to use. Eventually she will rather want my Neo :-)


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