Stuck boot

Dimitris Kogias dimitris at
Tue Aug 21 08:38:17 CEST 2007


I flashed the 2007.2 images (u-boot, rootfs and kernel) to my Neo and
now it seems that the device is stuck at the very end of the boot
process:  The progress bar is almost "full" and the devices stays there
for 10 minutes, which I expect means the boot process is stuck.

Unfortunately it seems that at that point networking is up but the sshd
is not running, so I get a "connection refused" error when I try to ssh
into the Neo.

I tried adding "nosplash" to the boot arguments but the boot process
still switched to the progress bar version, so I can't see what else I
can do to figure out what's keeping the device from booting 100%.

Is it possible to have the kernel use the USB port for the console?  I
don't have a debug board...

Any other ideas?



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