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Terje Sannum terje at waste.org
Tue Aug 21 19:33:54 CEST 2007

I'll try that out... thanks!

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From: Jonas Meyer <jonas.meyer.01 at alum.dartmouth.org>
Date: Aug 21, 2007 7:04 PM
Subject: information about OM2007 and OM2007.2
To: terje at waste.org

2007.2 boots fine, but you have to do one of the two following things (I
was also having the same trouble as you).

1) erase the nand flash.  do a search in the wiki for the nand_erase
article for instructions.  You may need to install the "cu" utility.


2) flash uboot with the latest version.  Reboot the phone back into the
uboot menu, then flash with the latest snapshot and kernel.

Note that option 2 will solve the problem permanently, while option 1
will only solve the problem until the next time you flash a new rootfs.
You will have to reapply solution 1 until you apply solution 2.
However, option 2 has a small possibility of bricking your phone if you
don;t have access to a debug board.


P.S.  Please forward this message to the device-owners list so that
others can see the solution.  I am not on the list, or I would do it
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