Using the micro-SD card

The Shonko Kid shonko_kid at
Tue Aug 21 23:02:52 CEST 2007

--- Peter Rasmussen <plr at> wrote:
> GTA01Bv4 # mmcinit
> trying to detect SD Card...
> Manufacturer:       0x03, OEM "SD"
> Product name:       "SU512", revision 8.0
> Serial number:      2957172096
> Manufacturing date: 3/2007
> CRC:                0x3e, b0 = 1
> size = 2329935872
> GTA01Bv4 # ext2ls mmc 0
> Failed to mount ext2 filesystem...
> ** Bad ext2 partition or disk - mmc 0:1 **
> GTA01Bv4 #
SD cards (in fact all flash based removable media) ship formatted to FAT of
some flavour or another. You will need to reformat the card to ext2 for this to
work. You may be able to do this from the Neo once the full OS is up, but, as
your third point seems to indicate, it may not have FAT support built in
out-of-the-box. Otherwise you will need a desktop system with a flash card
reader. This will need to be a proper reader, and not another handset connected
via USB, as the profile that is used in that case, Mass Storage Profile, relies
on the underlying media being FAT based.

> 2. Then I'm wondering if the GTA01 should be usable as an SD card 
> reader/writer, either while running Linux or in uboot mode?
No, There are two problems here. Firstly in order to do this, would require
Mass Storage Profile to be implemented in either Linux or uboot. Secondly, as I
noted above, if you did this, then the card would have to be formatted as FAT.

> I am not given a device file, eg. /dev/sda1, to mount the SD card when 
> in the GTA01, so something seems to be missing.
> I have tried to exchange the 512MB card that came with the GTA01 with 
> one that I use in my mobile and is populated with files, and the result 
> is the same.
Is there anything meaningful in the kernel debug? It sounds like the media type
is unsupported (no FAT support built in?) It's been a while since I 

Judging from it seems that this
is the likely cause.

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