Using the micro-SD card

Brian Schrock schrock.brian at
Wed Aug 22 15:08:14 CEST 2007

> However, I am still wondering if it isn't possible to use the Neo1973 as
> a card-reader/writer from my desktop PC (running Slackware), as I would
> really prefer not to have to every time I have a new image, move the SD
> card from the Neo to the PC and back. Such an excersize *will*
> eventually ruin the SD card holder in the Neo.

Well you could do this...

 Just use ssh to browse the card. This is how I do it, plus Konqueror
actually has a mode where all I need to do is
fish://username@phone:/media/card and I can browse and manipulate it
all day till my hearts content.

 Use network block device so you can actually mount the SD card from
over the network and manipulate the card like it was directly
attached. Not sure why you would want to do this, but you can. You
would  have to make sure the nbd driver is on the phone, but it should
work exactly as you were requesting.

> Then, does it also mean that I have to format the SD card to ext2 in an
> external to the Neo, card reader/writer?
> Or is it possible to use the default vfat file system on the card?
I have not formatted any of my cards yet, not sure what the card was
that came with the neo (I never looked), but the my new 2GB card is
vfat and maybe that is why I am having problems with mine...

> Just out of curiosity, what issues have you seen with a 2GB card? I
> suppose that so far, only SD is supported, and not SDHC?
I am not sure what SDHC is (And too lazy right now to look it up) but
my card was a standard cheapo kingston 2GB micro SD card from
Microcenter (like $40). I stuck it in and tried to copy a 300+MB file
and it failed part of the way through. I have not looked into why yet,
but I will soon.

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