HOWTO insert SIM and microSD (video)

Alex Riesen fork0 at
Fri Aug 3 21:45:00 CEST 2007

Thomas Gstädtner, Fri, Aug 03, 2007 14:00:23 +0200:
> Hope it hopes somebody else to save time :)

Some more pictures (with sizes and marks for inputs):

And weight of my Neo:

    219 gr - device with battery, stylus, in the pouch
    142 gr - device and the battery
    118 gr - just the device, without battery

I had to additionally pay 50 EUR post expenses (Nachnahme).

I tried to put Nokia BL-5C (850mAh) battery in it. It is thinner and
lighter. It worked, but I haven't had it run for long time with it.

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