sim problems (sim+ vs simple)

Alon Levy alonlevy1 at
Thu Aug 9 10:51:10 CEST 2007

Hi List,

 I've had some experience with dialing from the neo which I want to share
and hear if it is unique / not.

I've used two types of sims: they have the same formfactor, but one has
"simple" written on it, the other "sim+".

simple - worked for me, it is an orange network (israely), a subscriber
sim+ - I tried two of these, both didn't work. (same orange network).

I tested both gsmd with libgsm-tool and also cu -l, with cu -l and at+cmee=2
I get the error:

+CME ERROR: network not allowed - emergency calls only

otoh, with the simple it just worked (at+cops=0\nOK) and dialing
worked (I got another phone to ring :) - couldn't answer though, but
that's a different horse.

So, to summarise:
 * sim+ doesn't work (for me), simple does.
 * Can anyone confirm this experince? Can anyone *explain* the problem with
sim+? Can anyone help me get my sim+ to work

Any help appreciated,

Alon Levy
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