Some starting difficulties with GTA01

David Corking lists at
Thu Aug 23 13:02:26 CEST 2007

Daniel wrote:

> > Unfortunately I don't have my Neo yet to try out if this really works
> > (and currently have my Qemu Neo flashed with 2007.2 (where I can't get a
> > screen keyboard btw. isn't it there yet?)),

In 2007.2 the screen keyboard automatically appears when focus enters
a field that needs text entry: for example, create a new contact and
tap on 'Name;.  Is there handwriting recognition yet?

> >
> > deleting the file /etc/pointercal should make the screen calibration
> > appear again during the next bootup.

That is good to know.

Quicker than rebooting, you can run ts_calibrate from a root prompt.



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