2007.2 issues

Piotr Duda openmoko at nemezis.eu
Fri Aug 24 00:01:50 CEST 2007

andy selby pisze:
>>  This page suggests that we "consider" updating uboot because of bug 419, an
>> "important bugfix".
> Using dfu-util to erase the previous rootfs everytime is worth the
> peace of mind of not bricking my neo, I'll admit its annoying to press
> the aux button every so often when flashing a new rootfs but that too
> is a small price to pay.

if U want get rid off this annoying aux pressing U can do this:

start the Neo in uboot mode

host$ screen /dev/ttyACM0


GTA01Bv4 # setenv boot_menu_timeout 10000

or even more :-) after that just:

GTA01Bv4 # saveenv

and that's it.... good luck! :-)


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