Splash Screen?

Heilpern, Mark mark.heilpern at authentec.com
Mon Aug 27 20:10:06 CEST 2007

Well, I've been successful getting to u-boot and I see now the
"splashimage" environment variable. My (default) setting for the zipped
image size was indeed too small... when I increase it things work as

Thanks for the direction!

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The /proc/cmdline (boot parameters, right?) file doesn't seem to
indicate anything about a splash file size, but I'm not surprised at
this as the splash file is displayed well before the kernel begins to

Did you mean there is a uboot environment variable I may need to modify?
I haven't yet been at a uboot command prompt... my only attempt (through
USB) left me with a non-responsive cu connection. Maybe it's time for me
to work on that.

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On Thursday 23 August 2007 19:13, Heilpern, Mark wrote:

> The problem I've had... if I paste an image into this graphic (to
> overlay a logo), the image displayed by the phone is corrupted from
> point of approximately the middle of the logo, extending to the bottom
> of the screen. That is, the top half of whatever I paste is displayed
> properly, but the entire bottom of the screen, starting from about the
> midpoint of my pasting, is noise.
> I've been able to repeat this with every attempt, and I've tried the
> same thing using gimp rather than Photoshop (to the same results).

Does updating with dfu modify the boot parameters too? AFAIK the size of
file is actually one of the params needed..


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