Kernel/Rootfs flashing

Michael Lauer mickey at
Tue Aug 28 23:43:11 CEST 2007

Peter Rasmussen wrote:
> I now loaded these images and it was second attempt with a non 2007.01
> image (previous was from 2007.02), but they seemed similar with the GUI
> that came up.

> And the functionality of these images is what worries me because they 
> both mal-functioned the same way:

> When the Neo has booted it comes up with a home-screen with a top-bar 
> split in four (dialer, contacts, messages and calendar) a middle screen
> with  info about messages and calls and pending events and tasks, and 
> finally a bottom bar with tabs for home, a large + for utilities (it 
> seems) and a tools tab.

> I won't go into discussions about this lay-out, but I would like to know
> if others also have experienced that when selecting the dialer from the
> home-screen, the time-piece rotates for some time, then shows the dialer
> for a second and then returns to the home page?

> I am not sure about how I got there, but sometimes after having fooled
> around the OpenMoko menues for some time, I can *then* get into the 
> dialer and dial a number. Even without a SIM card inserted it attempts
> to dial, and it seems to have trouble finishing a call, especially 
> noticable if the other side finishes the call first.

> However, my biggest complaint with these recent builds would be that 
> they don't seem to provide access to a terminal, which is the only thing
> that will my mind to rest, when other things don't seem to work quite 
> right. I mostly work with the Neo independently, and only with the PC 
> when flashing it.

Please launch the inputmanager, then you can explicitly open/close the
soft-keyboard. A terminal has been part of OM-2007.2 since the first
build. In case you missed it, you can use the filter menu to switch
the application launcher (+ tab) to show "All" applications.


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