Battery discharging while phone is off

Fabien Chevalier fabchevalier at
Thu Aug 30 09:48:27 CEST 2007

Hi Brad,
> I think most developers will realize it's best to just leave it on and
> keep it plugged in. It won't be good for leaving the house until power
> management is a lot better and the rules for charging are rewritten.

Yep, basically that means it's quite useless for now. :-(
That's too bad, as it looks like we're not that far away for a basic 
usage, i mean where you could keep your phone up and running in your 
pocket for at least 12 hours without battery shortage and be able to 
receive and make calls using simple dialer. :-)

> I'm not above carrying a solar panel on backpacking trips to keep tech
> gear alive but it would have to be one massive panel to keep the
> current neo happy. :)

Good joke :-)



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