Neo with windows xp problem - FIXED

Jimmy jimmy at
Fri Aug 31 06:44:14 CEST 2007

Yep, I'm getting the "Unsigned Driver" popup and I click continue 
anyway... Then in installs and gives me an error code 10, This device 
cannot start.

Clarke Wixon wrote:
> Pranav Desai wrote:
>>     doesn't work and gives the error you state above. If some kind 
>> Windows
>>     device driver developer wanted to look into the issue it might get
>>     fixed, but that seems unlikely at the moment (feel free to 
>> correct me
>>     here guys!)
> It wasn't anything *I* did to be sure, but as of today, I can at least 
> report that Windows XP USB RNDIS networking is now functional.
> Kernel seems to have solved this issue.
> I updated the wiki:
> (Basically just removed the 'doesn't work' notes -- the instructions 
> were already correct.)

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