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On Thu Aug 2, John Locke <mail at> wrote:
> Joe Pfeiffer wrote:
> >
> > The "stroke recognizer" is interesting -- several patterns that seem a
> > lot like Graffiti, others with no resemblance.
> Yes, I like the stroke recognizer. Unfortunately, I can't get it to
> recognize certain letters, or spaces or enough to make it useful. Is
> there a reference around somewhere that illustrates the patterns this is
> looking for?

[Sorry for the un-threaded response---just joined the list.]

I _think_ the stroke recognizer might be a derivative of the xstroke
program I wrote years ago, (but haven't touched in a long time). And I
notice there doesn't even appear to be any reasonable web page for
that project anymore.

There is still this paper I published which describes the system, (and
includes diagrams of all of the strokes I had originally configured):

	xstroke: Full-screen Gesture Recognition for X, Carl D. Worth
	Usenix Annual Technical Conference, San Antonio, Texas, June

But in using the stroke recognizer in current images, it does not
appear to be configured with the same "alphabet" of strokes at all,
(which is a shame---I had gotten pretty good and doing crazy things
like driving a terminal, control characters and all, with that).

Also, clearly, the white box that appears in the menu bar is supposed
to have a couple of icons, and not just be white.

Anyway, I might just have to pick up this code again now that I've got
a fun new device to play with, (originally, I did this work for Compaq
iPaqs running Linux).

And I'd definitely want to explore ways of getting full-screen
character recognition going. I thought that was the most interesting
aspect of my original work on xstroke, (not stealing screen real
estate for a dedicated recognition region, nor having to write
characters far away from where you want them to appear).

But of course, doing that will require finding a way to resolve
full-screen recognition with novel UI things like the inertial
scrolling which rely on drag events. Fun stuff to explore anyway.

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