Daily Snapshot Review 28 March 2008

clare u5618 at perth.dialix.com.au
Tue Apr 1 14:55:05 CEST 2008

On Mon, 31 Mar 2008, Kevin Dean wrote:
>>  I have a stylus tied to my phone, and I am missing a finger, I never
>>  thought before whether that might be part of the problem, It surely played
>>  havoc with my touch typing at the time maybe 30 years ago.
> I invite you to speak up and let that be know. Someone saying "I think
> this touchpad sucks" is one thing - saying "I'm missing a finger and
> this layout makes typing difficult". I think a lot of people hack
> together code and then, in hindsight, attempt to make it accessible
> for others who speak different languages or have disabilities. Certain
> design decisions should probably be taken into account in the
> beginning, I think. Making that be known adds a different prespective
> to your input.

Well I don't see it quite like that. The vast majority of people have 8 
fingers and 2 thumbs; My belief is that they use the 2 thumbs on those 
phone keyboards. The phone is small, there is probably only room for about
3 fingers and a thumb at any one time.  I think left-handedness is likely 
to be more of a problem. I use my left hand on mice routinely as a
demonstration that it is quite easy, I get upset by lefthanders 
complaining that they cant manage a mouse.
On the other hand, lack of fine control of the remaining fingers due to
arthritis or some other manifestation of old age might be a concern.
But the faithful stylus will solve that for me.


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