Peter Rasmussen plr at udgaard.com
Sat Apr 5 01:29:18 CEST 2008

C'mon Jason!
Are you one of those pioneers?

I have waited since July last year when it looked like the consumer 
version was coming out in November last year.
Now we are in April and the most basic stuff is till not right, and I am 
wondering if it will be right in 2008.

But we are hearing about all those great conferences that are held where 
the praises of the Neo are told, so as I have said before, what if the 
developers cut down on the conferences and concentrated more on coding 
for the Neo?

I would love to help out even just testing the Neo, but even submitting 
bugs isn't cutting it because they are ignored, so not being a fanboi, 
it is a very depressing situation using the Neo Basic that cost me $470 
USD (at the time when the USD was worth something).

And because of it all, I am forced to use my A780, even if I would 
really love to use the Neo!


Jason Dowdy wrote:
> C'mon, Peter! Quit being a whiny biznitch. If the battery in your A780
> is so great, then keep using it. Anybody buying a Neo knew what they
> were getting in to when they bought it. The thing changes daily and
> hardware/software issues were to be expected. It's probably best if you
> just wait for the final release so the true pioneers can work out the
> bugs for you.
> Here's handkerchief...dry those weepy eyes and turn that frown upside
> down.
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> I don't know of what HW issues there might be for the Neo GTA01 to
> _drain_ so much battery so fast.
> Could you be more precise?
> The only thing I know that is better on the GTA02 is that it has a
> calorie counter that helps deciding how much power has actually been
> drained from the battery, thus helping the driver that shows how much
> power is left.
> It does however, not help with the battery draing issue.
> Any change made in software that would help the GTA02 should also help
> the GTA01.
> The GTA01 battery is 1200mA and has the 6h - 12h (on/off) battery times.
> My Motorola A780, which is also quite a powerful smartphone from 2004,
> has a 780mA battery and doesn't drain faster than other regular
> smartphones (74h when on and not used for calls, forever when off, also
> without removing the battery).
> I recognize that the Neo is a developers phone, but this is a disgrace
> wrt. developing a mobile platform.
> Peter
> ian douglas wrote:
>> I'm not saying that at all, and sorry if I gave that impression.
>> The hardware guys have stated that the battery life on the Freerunner 
>> will be MUCH better, and if you look through the mailing list 
>> archives, you'll see many, many discussions about why battery life is 
>> so low on the original Neo -- it *is* a developer's phone after all --
>> but they still hope to have a MUCH improved battery life on the GTA02.
>> Still, OpenMoko IS a true multitasking environment, so the device 
>> itself is busier and requires more power than a standard mobile phone.
>> I seem to recall someone saying there might be a hardware issue on the
>> original Neo causing the short battery life, and that the solution 
>> (for the Neo at least) for maintaining battery life after you turn the
>> Neo completely off is to remove the battery for ~10-20 seconds and 
>> then reinsert it.
>> Again, this is my own recollection of what's been on the mailing list 
>> since I joined last fall. Others on the list can give much more 
>> authoritative answers. My initial answer of a true multitasking OS was
>> meant
>> Personally when I had my Neo, I only had the battery in the thing long
>> enough to do some flash upgrades, to make a few phone calls to test 
>> out my AT&T and TMobile SIM cards, and to show it at the SCALE Linux 
>> expo here in Los Angeles back in February. Other than that, the 
>> battery was never kept in the Neo when it wasn't in use, precisely 
>> because of the power drain.
>> -id
>> Peter Rasmussen wrote:
>>> So, what you're saying is that the platform we are using on the Neo 
>>> is not fit for a mobile?

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