Martin Guy martinwguy at yahoo.it
Sun Apr 6 16:45:56 CEST 2008

On 4/4/08, Peter Rasmussen <plr at udgaard.com> wrote:
> I don't know of what HW issues there might be for the Neo GTA01 to _drain_
> so much battery so fast.

Don't worry, it's perfectly normal at an early development stage.
following the hallowed rule of "First you make it work, then you make
it work fast." (or in this case "then you reduce power consumption")
Current behaviour should not be indicative of the final result.

Many projects have had a similar course, and a lot of power-saving
turns out to be software-based tweaks so the the CPU can say in idle
states. For an understanding of the sort of issues that can make a lot
of difference (thanks to John Gilmore for the pointers) are:

     "Why userspace sucks -- Or 101 Really Dumb Things Your App Shouldn't Do"


     "Look for misbehaving userspace apps."

Particularly funny is the discovery that one of the things that made
Gnome consume so much power was the battery monitor applet in the
desktop toolbar, which kept waking the cpu up all the time to check
the battery...

When this kind of analysis gets done on the neo you can expect the
battery life to increase many times.


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