RNDIS networking (windows) doesn't work

Clarke Wixon cwixon at usa.net
Wed Apr 9 01:20:02 CEST 2008

Torfinn Ingolfsen <tingox at ...> writes:

> As reported in bug 1279[1], RNDIS networking (usb  networking in
> windows) is broken. And as noted in comment #5, no amount of messing
> around in windows fix the problem. So assuming that the Windows RNDIS
> drivers do work (I don't have abother device to test with), this might
> be a problem with the Neo software.

Hi Torfinn,

I'm the one who reported that bug and have made various additional comments over
the last few weeks.

Your description is quite correct.  I'm pretty sure it IS a software (kernel?)
problem because this used to work -- with kernel -- and now it doesn't.
 And I'm using the same Windows machine with the same drivers that were there

If any kernel gurus are around I would be happy to do whatever troubleshooting
on the Neo side is suggested.  Unfortunately, Windows itself doesn't provide
much information other than the dreaded yellow exclamation point indicating the
device isn't working.


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