Monster and mokopedia, trials

clare u5618 at
Sun Apr 13 00:49:23 CEST 2008

Hi Cel,

The keyboard problem is weirder than ever, I put in a Nokia battery
because I will need to use them if not connected to PC, and they dont 

So keyboard worked fine. I turned off GSM antenna no change,
I plugged in usb connector, keyboard went bad.
I unplugged usb connector, keyboard came good.
Next replaced Nokia Battery with FIC battery, behaviour is the same.

Installed from your site a normal image to the flash side,
qwerty keyboard  behaviour is the same.

Installed FIC image of April 12 and find that using what passes for a 
keyboard,  when set for upper case,
the letters are lower case from g through to z. (when usb plugged in.)
removed usb plug and tried again. Those letters are now upper case.
Plug in again problem returns.


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