How to tell if the phone is registered on the network?

Torfinn Ingolfsen tingox at
Sun Apr 13 22:31:17 CEST 2008

A few hours later.
Ok, it seems that libgsmd-tool is working now, perhpas the operator
just needed a few hours to get my SIM card working on the network.
various libgsmd-tool commands and output:
# # Query network registration
registered (home network)

# P
Read current opername
Our current operator is 242 05
# gos
Get Antenna status
Antenna Status: 1
# L
List operators
   24205             242 05,   242 05 for short, is our current operator
   24202           N NetCom,   NetCom for short, is available
   24203        Teletopia 3,   T3 for short, is available
   24201          N Telenor,   TELENOR for short, is available

# Q
Signal strength
Signal quality -61 dBm
Error rate undetectable
# mf
Get manufacturer
manufacturer: "FIC/OpenMoko"

# ml
Get model
model: "Neo1973 GTA01 Embedded GSM Modem"

# rv
Get revision
revision: "HW: GTA01Bv4, GSM:

Quite interesting.

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