Daily Snapshot Review 14 April 2008

Martin Guy martinwguy at yahoo.it
Tue Apr 15 09:38:31 CEST 2008

On 4/14/08, Kevin Dean <kevin at foreverdean.info> wrote:
>  >  Also, I don't think anyone uses the international codes unless they are
>  >  dialing international numbers, so this bug is of interest to everyone,
>  >  not just people in USA, Canada or Mexico!
> I make this point because the sample of people on IRC isn't exactly
>  respective of the world in general.

+1. In fact, +44 :) In Europe it's more like the US would be if every
state had a different intl prefix.

When a +-less number comes in, does the phone not know what
international dialling region it is in?


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