Recomended 2008-04-14 snapshot using

Piotr W.[Gmail] pwolszczak at
Thu Apr 17 23:39:18 CEST 2008

My observe of 2008-04-14 snapshot build.

+ (plus) xserver start every time,
- (minus) gps device, gpsd, gllin (...) start automatically after boot
+ button [Power] menu are working good. States of devices, panel icons 
and [power] menu are synchronized.
+ display wake up correctly after phone lock (with [Power] menu)
+/- incomming call wake up phone (from lock), but after that on incoming 
line is busy signal (can't connection)
- after wake up from lock: can't make outgoing calls (GSM network name 
is on panel, icon looks good)
 and second attempt to lock phone (with [Power] menu) take restart in effect
+ on "Shutdown now" command power down of gsm device is doing (probably)

Sorry, if my test results are too late or I'd make some mistake.

Piotr W.

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