broken aux button

Nick Guenther kousue at
Tue Apr 29 01:43:30 CEST 2008

On 4/28/08, Asheesh Laroia <asheesh at> wrote:
> On Fri, 25 Apr 2008, Nick Guenther wrote:
> > I just picked up my neo after leaving it sitting on a shelf for a while,
> and suddenly the AUX button is broken. It doesn't spring back when I press
> it and the neo doesn't respond to it. I disassembled the case to have a look
> and all I see under the button is hard metal, nothing that looks like a
> spring, what is supposed to be there?
> >
> > Has anybody seen this before? I seem to remember seeing something
> > about this. I did google around but I couldn't find anything.
> >
>  I think all you need to do is make sure the AUX button is sort of slid onto
> the right point.  I had this happen to me when I had slid it out of line
> with that metal part you mentioned.

Asheesh, thanks for trying to help out.

What metal part? The electrical contacts for the button are on top of
the motherboard;  know because I can trigger AUX with a screwdriver.
The trouble is that the button is nowhere near them; also it doesn't
have the resistance it used to. It's like a spring has fallen out and
gone missing but I don't know where it could have. The metal parts
that the button does touch don't seem to be connected to anything.

Still concerned,

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