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Kurtis Heimerl kheimerl at
Fri Jan 11 07:57:09 CET 2008

Hello device owners!

I've been working on cross compiling a particular software package, and
that's working just fine with the tools and direction given by the wiki.

However, there's a python API it presents, which requires compiling a python
module. This, I cannot seem to get working, and i've been struggling for a
while. I understand this to be a limitation of python, as most of the
reading I've found says it's really difficult to cross compile.  I don't
feel I'm at the level to modify the script enough to cross compile
correctly, and so I am at an impasse.

I decided to investigate compiling natively, as a solution to this. Python
is installed, so that stage should be easy. Likewise, there is a GCC package
in the repository, so the C portion shouldn't be difficult either. However,
there seems to be no assembler (as) in the repository at all. This seems
like nonsense, though the linker (LD) is missing as well. Why is this? Have
I just been unable to find these programs?

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